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About Alejandro Salazar: Hearts of Hope & Love

Born in Houston, Texas in 1973, Alejandro Rojas Salazar is an Artist, Philanthropist, Art Curator & Gallerist. His love of art and supporting other artists has resulted in many gallery spaces, which showcase his original works, as well as other artists. 

He has focused on contemporary art for over 20 years, curating hundreds of art exhibits across the nation. Alex's original work can be found in corporate collections and private collections around the world.

SALAZAR is an accomplished artist and art dealer. He received his second Masters degree in Theological Studies & Art from Harvard University and his first Masters Degree in Art & Sociology at Boston College. He attended Colorado College for his undergraduate studies. 

After completing his education, Alejandro lived in London, England and Florence, Italy to further expand his artistic talents. SALAZAR has pursued his love of art his whole life. His passion for creating and representing local artists can be felt in each piece. 

His artistic influences include, Jackson Pollock, Miro and Gerhard Richter. You can check out his gallery, The Houston Art Advisory, or Alexander Salazar Fine Art

Today, everything is in jeopardy due to COVID-19. SALAZAR has had to cancel all exhibitions and future art events with uncertainty, which led to this new project, Hearts of Hope & Love

Learn more about SALAZAR's work & his involvement in the San Diego Art Community!

What is Hearts of Hope & Love? 

The mission of Hearts of Hope & Love is to keep art alive and show Hope Lives HereEach original piece is painted to represent hope, optimism, peace, love & art.

Whether it's hanging in your home, business or blessing the person, it is a reminder that we are all in this together during an uncertain time. 

SALAZAR began creating the heart paintings in his outdoor studio during quarantine. Every heart created helps Salazar get through this Pandemic, as well as keeps him home. The collection helps to sustain the gallery and his personal livelihood.

By buying a Heart of Hope & Love by SALAZAR, you are giving direct support to the artist and the galleries representing more than 15 artists.

Heart Paintings in Window to show hope lives here with Hearts of Hope & Love Paintings by SALAZAR
"Thank you for supporting me while I struggle." - SALAZAR